“Dig ups” / Conduit Construction

Dig UpsConduit Configuration, Conduit Pulls, and “Dig ups”.
Hand dig in sensitive areas.  Place conduits (most sizes) to proposed locations, and pull cables through conduits. Will locate / scope, and  “dig up” existing conduit / cable if needed. Back-hoes also assist with “dig ups”.




Conduit ConstructionMan-hole Construction.
Pumping water out of man-holes prior to entering. If  research is required, we have the experience. We can rod / “snake” conduits.  Pull string,  tracer wire, communication cables etc. through man-hole systems. Place pipe to – and – from man-holes.




Dig UpsVault and Pedestal  Placement.
Set vaults, hand-holes, and pedestals. We generally provide this service to protect electronics, to provide conduit junction locations, easy access for maintenance, pull boxes, etc.




Conduit ConstructionConduit Placement in Open Trenches.
Work with contractors, cut, configure, and glue conduits. Sweep conduits to vault / pedestal locations. Relocate, reduce, extend, repair,  etc.




Conduit ConstructionPlacement of Drainage Pipe.