Asphalt Construction

Slurry Back-fill ApplicationSlurry Back-fill Application.
A popular means to restoring asphalt. Many cities, and towns require “flow-fill” during the road restoration process. This helps to eliminate voids in the soil while back-filling a trench, providing greater structural integrity for the long term.




Asphault_CuttingCut Roads, Parking Lots, Drive-ways, and Sidewalks.
We generally cut asphalt where soil is made up of ledge, and large boulders / rocks (when conditions are poor for drilling). Also, when drilling  longer distances it is common to make cuts where needed to correct drill heads, or make any numbers of adjustments.




Asphalt ConstructionAsphalt Saw.
Main asset utilized in cutting asphalt. Cuts a “clean” and straight  line, allows for a quality finish.




Asphault ConstructionCut Asphalt When Crossing Utilities.
We cut asphalt, and locate utilities (gas in this case) prior to drilling. Avoid damaging other utilities with this technique. Side Note: Objective was to place 2″ PVC conduit under parking lot. Customer requested limited asphalt cutting.




Drum RollerDrum Roller Used to Finalize Restoration.
After dumping, and grading asphalt, the drum roller is used to compact materials. Allows for a smooth surface, and a quality finish.