Vibratory Plowing

Vibratory PlowingThe vibratory plow is one of our greatest assets. We can place up to 1.5 inch flexible pipe under ground with little restoration required. In most cases, it is difficult to see where we worked / plowed since it is such a “clean” process. The narrow blade vibrates, cutting the top layer of soil like a knife; great way to preserve one’s landscape. Also capable of plowing “direct bury” lines with smaller blades. Conduit not required with vibratory plow, but recommended.Vibratory Plowing




Commercial use:
Bury conduit for utilities, security lines, sprinkler systems, private electric, internal networking (i.e. place pipe from building – to – building), etc.




Residential use:
Bury cables to pool shed, barn, or sub-house / private office. Bury “invisible dog fence” lines, personal sprinkler systems (build and repair), hide power sources used for decorative landscaping. i.e. Koi pond, statue,  water fountain, etc.