Aerial Construction

Aerial ConstructionPlacement of New Cables (Security / Communications)
Frame poles, build strand, lash / over-lash cables (Fiber / Trunk / Feeder). Constructing to houses, cell towers, commercial buildings, town I-NET’s, etc. Able to construct with various self-support cables.




Aerial ConstructionSystem Maintenance &  Storm Recovery
Replace lashing wire,  strand repair / splicing, pole transfers, re-attachments, pole climbing, raise / lower cables for clearance, “make ready”, re-locate cables to new pole line, house moves, wreck-out, clean up, etc.




Major Highway Crossings
Major Highway Crossings
Coordinate with the local authority, and officials to construct cables across Interstate, and State Highways




aerial constructionTransition fiber-optic / coaxial cables from aerial – to – underground
Secure cables.