R. W. Bryant Contracting Inc. has been providing services to the surrounding communities for over 35 years.  During this time we have established a strong reputation in engineering, building, splicing / testing fiber-optic and coaxial cable systems. In addition, our organization plays a roll in cable construction for security purposes.  We are experienced with three phases of cable construction: Aerial, Underground and Indoor.


It is our goal to continually develop long standing relationships with our growing client base. We accomplish our goal through innovation and a true dedication to the industry. Our team is at the front line of today’s technology, always looking for changes or upgrades in the current system. We do this in order to better serve our customers.  A strong management base with a growing number of employees, coupled with increasing resources has allowed us to expand the number of services offered. Over all we are focused on providing a prompt, quality and complete service for our customers.


“It’s not about us, it’s all about you.”