Indoor Wiring





Indoor-WiringConstruct Through-out Buildings.
Pull cables through drop ceilings, open ceilings, and rafters. Construct in new buildings, and old buildings. Down hall ways, floor – to – floor, room – to – room. Fish across closed ceilings, and fish down closed walls. Installation of junction boxes / access panels. Capable of following existing routes, or researching and finding diversified routes. Re-wires, up-grades, wreck-out / cable removal etc.




Indoor WiringConstruct Through High Ceilings.
Pull indoor cables for communications in large factories, gymnasiums, and warehouses.  Placement of  indoor conduits. Platform lifts used when required.




Indoor WiringEnter Buildings
Enter buildings with aerial, and underground feeds. Capable of core drilling up to 3 inches in diameter. Core drill through concrete, and brick / mortar. Enter wooden buildings. Building attachments. Place conduit on sides of buildings,  install weather-heads, etc.




Indoor WiringTransition Fiber-optic / Coaxial Cables from Underground – to – Indoor.
Installation of inner-duct when requested.




Indoor WiringInstall Equipment in I.T. / Utility Rooms.
Anchor custom cut ply-wood to concrete / brick walls, and mount equipment. Configure slack in cables, and prepare splice points for activation.




Indoor WiringInstallation of  Wire Molding.
Replace, or construct with new with wire molding. Used to hide cables. In this application, the customer chose a dark red molding to blend into the bricks on the side of the building. Experienced with indoor, and outdoor moldings.






R. W. Bryant Contracting Inc. shall not enter into, engage in, or work at the business or occupation of installing wires, conduits, apparatus, devices, fixtures, or other appliances for carrying or using electricity for light, heat, power, fire warning or security system purposes.